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Frequently Asked Questions About Monuments

Have you ever purchased a monument after a loved one has passed away? It does make sense to get one to serve as a grave market and that honours the deceased in a meaningful way. But it’s also important that you get the right one to meet your needs. You can get more guidance on the matter from the cremation services in Saskatoon, SK company you hire to do the body disposition. Read on for a look at some of the frequently asked questions about monuments. Once you do, you’ll be better prepared to get a monument either for yourself or for a loved one.

What Sort of Monuments are Available?

When it comes to monuments, you can get gravestones, upright monuments, grave markers, headstones, and more. You can also get them made in different materials, like granite, and choose styles to suit the personality of the recipient of the monument. If you’d like to further customize the monument, you can have things inscribed into it. This can include the person’s motto or life philosophy, a favourite Bible text, or something else. Going to a funeral home and looking at samples is a great way to see what’s out there.

Will a Funeral Home or Crematory Help with Choosing a Monument?

The service provider you select will be pleased to render you assistance on this front. They can show you examples, explain what material types are available, give recommendations on what you can inscribe on the monument, show you options at different price points, and more. Funeral homes understand that most people have never had to buy a monument before so they’re ready, able, and willing to help guide you through the process. This will ensure that you make an informed buying decision based on facts.

Is it Possible to Order a Monument Beforehand?

Yes, it is possible to buy a monument before the intended recipient has passed away. This can make sense on numerous fronts. Firstly, buying one before it’s needed is part of prudent planning. Who wouldn’t, after all, like to spare their family an extra responsibility after they die? Secondly, buying a monument beforehand means it will be possible to get input from the intended recipient. The person will be able to communicate what they’d like to see inscribed on it. Thirdly, ordering a monument ahead of time will save money since you’ll pay using today’s dollars. This will spare you from any price increases in the future.

If you’d like to talk some more about monuments or cremation services in Saskatoon, SK, get in touch with us at Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. We’ve been providing affordable funeral services, cremation services, and celebration of life services in the area for decades. You can speak to our funeral director to ask questions, get recommendations, or set up an in-person appointment. You can get a hold of us by calling (306) 934-4888, going to 402 Central St W Warman, SK S0K 4S0 Canada, or visiting Contact us when you need us, and we’ll be sure to assist you in any way we can.

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3 Reasons to Purchase a Monument Before You Need One

If you’re going to preplan final services with a funeral home in Saskatoon, SK, you should consider getting a monument as well. Most people who find themselves buying a monument do so for a loved one who has died, but you can also get one for yourself ahead of time. This is especially the case if you have a preference for the sort of monument you want or if you want to spare your family the cost of buying one after you pass away.

Read on for a look at 3 reasons why it’s a good idea to buy a monument before you actually need one.

1. Personalize

One reason you should consider buying a monument ahead of time is that doing so will give you the ability to get exactly what you want. You can personalize or customize the design to your heart’s desire. Are you a person of faith? You can personalize the monument with one of your favourite religious texts or with some words of wisdom. You’ll also get to choose exactly what you want to communicate to family, friends, and anyone else whoever sees the monument at your burial site. While you could leave the task of choosing a monument to your family, why not do it yourself? No one will do better than you will at choosing your monument.

2. Save Money

When you buy your monument now, you’ll be paying in today’s dollars. Prices for just about everything go up over time due to factors that include, but are not limited to, inflation. So when you pay today for something that you might not use for many years or decades, you will ultimately come out ahead as far as money is concerned.

3. Makes a Great Talking Point

Are you having trouble discussing your preplanning arrangements with family? Death is not something that most people relish discussing, but it’s an important talk to have with those closest to you. You can use your decision to buy a monument as a way to bring up the subject of preplanning. Maybe you can ask family for recommendations on text to include on the monument. You might also want to get their feedback on the design, material, and other things. Ultimately, they will see that planning ahead is important and makes sense.

Do you want to find out more about getting your own monument? Your best bet is to reach out to a funeral home in Saskatoon, SK for the assistance you require. At Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD., we’ve been helping families to play funerals, cremations, and celebrations of life for 30 years. We’ll be pleased to answer your questions about buying a monument either for yourself or for a relative. You can count on our track record of providing professional and compassionate care to our customers. Call us at (306) 934-4888 or visit us at 402 Central St W Warman, SK S0K 4S0 Canada to talk to our funeral director. You can also check out our website at to learn more about our company and what offer.

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Where Can You Buy a Cremation Urn?

When a loved one dies and you need to buy a cremation urn ahead of cremation services in Prince Albert, SK, where should you purchase one? You’ll have numerous options that you can choose from, but one of them makes the most sense. Here are some options to consider.

Funeral Home

The best place to buy a cremation urn is from a funeral home or crematorium. And it makes sense to stick with the service provider you’ve hired to perform the cremation. There are lots of reasons in favour of going this route. Some of them are as follows:

  • Funeral homes and crematoriums know urns inside and out, and will be able to offer the best advice
  • Funeral homes and crematoriums offer the widest selection of quality urns
  • Buying from the service provider you’ve hired will make this easier and less complicated
  • Buying from the funeral home or crematorium you’ve hired means you won’t have to wait to have it delivered from another company

For these and other reasons, it simply makes the most sense to buy from the service provider who will perform the cremation service. Doing otherwise will make things more complicated.

Department Store

Whether you’ve realized it or not, it’s possible to buy cremation urns at department stores these days. While this might be convenient, is it really the best option for you as a consumer? If you are only focused on cost and are not picky about the urn you buy, then maybe this option will do. But if you want to find the right urn, then you’ll want to work with a retailer that knows urns inside and out. That means a funeral home or crematorium. You won’t find product knowledge experts at department stores, so you won’t get the sort of specialized help you might need.

Online Retailer

Being able to buy just about anything online can be a great thing most of the time. With the prevalence of online retailers, you can find cremation urns online, pay for them, and have them delivered. But what happens if you order an urn and don’t get it on time for the cremation service? You can’t always guarantee fast delivery, and you don’t want the headache of a late delivery. So it’s best to stick with a funeral home or crematorium. You won’t face any logistical problems since the service provider will have the cremation urns on hand.

If you need cremation services in Prince Albert, SK, get in touch with us at Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. We have a wide range of options as far as cremation products and services are concerned. You can get a hold of our funeral director by phone at (306) 934-4888 or in person at 402 Central St W Warman, SK S0K 4S0 Canada. We’ll be pleased to answer your questions, give you recommendations, and schedule an appointment to discuss your needs in greater detail. We also encourage you to check out our website at if you’d like more information about our offerings.

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3 Reasons it Makes Sense to Preplan a Funeral or Cremation

Planning ahead makes sense. Whether you’re going to get married, go on your dream vacation, or buy a house, you’ll likely do a whole lot of planning to make sure everything goes okay. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it’s also a good idea to plan or preplan your funeral service or cremation service with a funeral home serving Prince Albert, SK families. While this makes sense, many people leave it to their families to plan on their behalf after they’re gone. When you ponder these 3 reasons to preplan, you’ll come to see that it really does make sense to take on this task yourself rather than to leave it to someone else.

1. Spare Your Family

If you pass away without having preplanned your final services, your family will have to do it on your behalf. This is the way it’s done by many families, but there really is a better way. Instead of requiring your loved ones to take on the task of planning at a time when they’ll be in mourning and in shock, why not take a bit of time out of your busy schedule to preplan? All you’ll need to do is find a reputable funeral home, and they will help you preplan. It will be easier than you think. And when the time of your passing does arrive, your family will be able to focus on adjusting to the new normal and comforting each other rather than on planning a funeral service.

2. Avoid Emotional Spending

Another reason you shouldn’t leave the task of planning your final services to loved ones is that they might succumb to emotional spending. People who are grieving don’t always make the most prudent of financial decisions. They might be driven more by emotion than by fiscal responsibility. You can prevent this by preplanning things on your own. It will be even better if you prepay or at least leave behind funds to cover the cost of your body disposition.

3. Do Things Your Way

Are you the sort of person who likes to have a hand in how things are carried out? If so, then it follows that you’ll appreciate having a hand in preplanning your final services. You can choose the body disposition method, select who will serve as pallbearers, determine where your body will be buried or where your ashes will be scattered, choose who will sing songs and recite poems, and even name those you want to read the eulogy and deliver the sermonette.

Are you ready to preplan with a Prince Albert, SK funeral home? Get in touch with us at Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. for the assistance you need. We offer funeral services, cremation services, and celebration of life services to meet the needs of you and your family. We’ve also been serving this community and surrounding communities for 30 years. So if you want to work with a family owned funeral home that treats is customers with compassion and respect, call us at (306) 934-4888, visit us at 402 Central St W Warman, SK S0K 4S0 Canada, or see us online at