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How to Decide Whether to Plan a Funeral or a Cremation

How do you decide whether to plan a funeral service or a cremation service with the funeral director at a funeral home in Osler, SK? While either option will enable you to arrange a fitting final send-off that honors your loved one’s memory, one body disposition type may be more suitable than the other given your specific situation. A reputable funeral home will be able to help you choose. You can also help your own cause by considering some specific questions.


What Would Your Loved One Have Wanted?

Did your loved one indicate what body disposition they preferred? If they did, then you’ll obviously want to honor their wishes by arranging the final services option they hoped for. This is one reason why it’s best for people to preplan. It means that their loved ones won’t have to make the choice for them. But if your deceased loved one did not make arrangements ahead of time and did not let anyone know what their preference was, you and yours will have to decide.


What Religion Did Your Loved One Adhere to?

Most religions accept both cremations and funerals. But there are a few – such as Islam and Orthodox Judaism – that are against cremation. Hinduism mandates that followers choose cremation. But most religions give their adherents the freedom to choose. It’s important to consider your loved one’s religious leanings – if any – before deciding between a funeral or a cremation. The funeral director you hire to help you plan will be able to offer more information.


What is Your Budget for Final Services?

There’s no denying that cremations cost less than funerals. The savings can be significant if you plan a simple cremation and cut back in the extras. So if you’re working with a small budget, you might wish to plan a cremation service and follow it up with a memorial service. But if you and your family would much rather hold a funeral, the funeral director will be able to help you keep down costs so that you can arrange the final services you want.

funeral home in Osler, SK

Do you need to find a reputable Oskler, SK funeral home that you can depend on? Are you in need of help in deciding which final services package to plan in honor of a deceased relative? Might you perhaps want to preplan your own body disposition? We have experience assisting people who want to organize funeral services and cremations services. In addition to our being able to help you choose a body disposition, we can help you preplan. For the help you need, give us a call to speak with our funeral director or with another member of our staff. We’ll be pleased to help you in any way we can. You can call us to ask questions or to set up a consultation. Also feel free to drop by during regular business hours if you want to talk to someone in person. Our goal is to help you when you need us, so let us know how we can help.

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What’s a Celebration of Life Service and How Do You Plan One?

After the cremation service in Osler, SK has been completed and you’ve been given your loved one’s ashes in an urn, what can you do to honor their memory? There are plenty of options available. You could, for instance, plan a celebration of life service. Such an event is all about, as the term suggests, celebrating the life of the deceased. Here’s how to plan one.


Set a Budget

It’s always best to budget. If you want to keep costs low, you might want to have a small celebration of life service in the home of a family member. You don’t have to spend a lot of plan a meaningful event that honors the dead and encourages the living. Once you decide what the budget will be, you can then work with your family to figure out what needs to be purchased.


Choose a Theme

You might also wish to choose a theme. It’s not absolutely critical to go with a theme, but doing so can make the celebration of life event all the more meaningful. Was the deceased a music lover? If so, maybe you will want to play songs from their favorite band or artist during the event. If they had a green thumb and loved to work out in the garden, you might want to furnish the venue with plants or even to hold the event outdoors. You might want to brainstorm with family to figure out a theme that will honor the memory of the dearly departed in a meaningful way.


Choose Venue and Other Particulars

You’ll of course want to decide where to hold it, what day to hold it, and what time to hold it. After discussing things with loved ones, you’ll be better able to make these decisions.


Plan Program

While you can have an informal program, it’s still a good idea to have some sort of structure. You can have someone read the eulogy, have a few people talk about what the deceased meant to them, have others read poetry, and more. Create a printed program that lists the order of events, and ensure that everyone at the celebration of life event gets one. If you will have a meal afterward, you’ll want to decide if everyone will bring something, if one or more people will prepare the meal, or if the meal will be catered.

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You can get more tips if you ask the funeral director at a provider of cremation services in Osler, SK. We have experience helping people plan funeral services and cremations services. Do you wish to preplan your own body disposition? We specialize in that as well. When you’re ready to plan or preplan, give us a call, visit our office, or check us out online. We’re committed to providing the best in customer service to our customers, and we aim to treat people the way we’d like to be treated. So get in touch when you need our assistance.

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3 Ways You Can Bury the Cremated Remains of a Loved One

Do you wish to bury the cremated remains of a loved one who has passed away? A reputable North Battleford, SK cremation services provider will help you plan the body disposition. They’ll also offer you recommendations — should you want them — on options for the ashes. If you’ve decided that you’d like to bury the ashes of your deceased loved one, you’ll still want to consider how you want to go about doing this since there are various paths to take.


What follows is a look at how you can bury the cremains after the funeral home performs the body disposition.


Cemetery Plot

Some funeral homes actually allow people to bury urns on existing cemetery plots – assuming that the family in question has a deceased loved one already buried in the plot in question. Urns are obviously quite small compared to caskets, so some cemeteries will allow families who already have loved ones buried on their grounds to add urns to those same plots. Even if you’re charged for such an option, it will usually be less than what it would cost to bury a casket. It’s important to note that not all cemeteries offer this sort of option, so you may need to ask around. You can ask the funeral home that helps you plan for recommendations on this front. They will usually be able to let you know which cemeteries will permit you to bury urns in existing plots.


Columbarium NicheThis option provides a way to “bury” an urn above ground. A columbarium niche is a structure where urns can be stored. The urns are actually placed on shelves that are called niches. People who go with this option place the urns of their deceased loved ones on niches, and they can also get a plaque or marker with the name of the deceased. Families can come and visit the columbarium whenever they want – the same way they could visit the grave of a loved one who has been buried. One benefit of going this route over burying a casket is that you can take the urn with you should you, for instance, want it on your property or if you’re moving to another area.


Urn Garden

Some cemeteries offer urn gardens. These urn gardens are usually in an area separate from where caskets are buried. An urn garden is where you might wish to bury the urn containing your deceased relative’s ashes. The funeral director who assists you with planning will be able to help you find a cemetery that offers urn gardens — if you’d like to go with this option.

North Battleford, SK cremation services

Do you need to find a provider of cremation services in North Battleford, SK? We have experience assisting people who want to organize funeral services and cremations services. We can also help you preplan final services if you want to ensure your loved ones don’t have to take on this responsibility after your passing. Our goal is to help our customers in any way they need, and our funeral director and other staff members are committed to providing excellent customer service. Give us a call or stop by for a visit when you need our help.

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Can Kids Participate During Funeral Service? You Bet They Can!

When arranging a funeral service with a funeral home serving North Battleford, SK, it can be easy to forget about including children. That would, however, be a mistake. While there may be some things that kids shouldn’t be asked to do, there are things that they can help out with. This is especially true if they had a personal connection with the deceased. They should not be forced to take part if they’re uncomfortable, but they should not be denied if they wish to participate. Here are a few of the ways that you can incorporate children into the funeral service.


Hand Out Programs

It’s a custom to prepare printed programs for funeral services. The program will have a picture of the deceased on the front as well as some biographical information. Usually, the eulogy, or a shorter version of it, will be included as well. And a list of the proceedings for the funeral service will also be included in the printed program. If you want a way to get children in the family involved, you can have them hand out the programs to people as they arrive. The kids can stand outside of the doors to the sanctuary – assuming the funeral service will be held in a church – and hand out the programs before people enter the sanctuary to find their seats.


Help Seat People

It’s always a good idea to arrive on time for a funeral service. But it’s usually the case that some people will, for one reason or another, arrive late. Because of this, it’s important to have people on hand to help find seats for people who arrive after the funeral service is underway. This will lead to fewer distractions. You can have some of the children help with seating people. When late-comers arrive, the children can walk down the aisles, find empty seats, and then direct the late-comers to the empty seats.



Another way that children can take part is by doing readings. This can involve reading scriptures, poems, or other things. Older children might feel more comfortable writing something that they can then share during the funeral service.



Do you have children in the family who have a talent for singing or playing instruments? Ensure they have the opportunity to share their musical talents at the funeral service. They will feel more comfortable about honoring their deceased loved one in a public setting if they can do something they have a passion for.

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Do you need to find a funeral home in North Battleford, SK to help you make funeral or cremation arrangements? We’re a professional death care services provider that is dedicated to helping people who wish to plan final services. We can also help with preplanning. If the goal is to plan a funeral service followed by a casket burial, you might want to learn about other ways you can get children involved during the funeral service. Our funeral director and other staff members will be more than pleased to offer further suggestions. Whether you have questions or want to begin planning, you can give us a call or stop by for a visit.